Female Student Shares Traumatic Experience After Creepy Guy On Bus Stop Allegedly Smeared Semen On Her

Even when we do our best to improve the security of our environment, there are always those people who loves to preserve evil deeds. Raising panic towards the society especially during night time. In order to prevent series of crimes, this woman raised awareness towards her experience on a new modus. July 12 when Nalah […]

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Flight Attendant Saw This Message On The Plane’s Bathroom, Helped Teen Girl From Kidnapper

Human trafficking is a rampant issue in the society even up to these days. It is a continuing struggle of our environment for most victims are underaged. Also, only little people are brave enough to take actions and solve this crisis. However, this flight attendant’s story may touch your heart. Shiela Fedrick, an Alaska Airlines […]

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Pinay Teen Finds Possible Cure For Diabetes In Aratiles

On the Department of Education’s National Science and Technology Fair, one of the awardees was an Iloilo high school student, Maria Isabel Layson. Layson conducted a study entitled, “Bioactive Component, Antioxidant Activity, and Antidiabetic Properties of Muntingia calabura Linn. An In Vitro Study”. Which mainly focuses on the essential components of the Aratiles fruit whom […]