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WARNING: Isang Delikadong Kemikal Nakita Sa Pancit Canton Maaaring Magdulot Ng Malulubhang Sakit Gaya Ng Kidney Problem At Kanser

Many people nowadays love to eat fast food or instant food. We couldn’t deny the fact that these kind of foods are mouth-watering. But what we don’t is, these tasty foods have underlying effects on our health, instant noodles in particular. During the Medical Conference Highlight, Dr. Raymond Escalona shared what he found out on his study about […]


Heartbroken Mother Lost Her Baby From A New Disease Called ‘AIRBORNE’ And Warn Parents About It

Every parent secures the safety of their children and always put their health as a primary priority. But no matter how they try to secure that, there are times when they overlooked things. There are things that are inevitable but preventable like sickness or accidents but if these happened, let’s not blame parents. Recently, one […]


Mother Warn Netizens After Her Son Got Lung Disease Due To Smelling Cigarette Smoke

According to Live Science, researchers found that 41 percent of people with children living in apartment buildings, condominiums, and other multi-unit housing reported smelling smoke in their buildings, whereas 26 percent of people with no children said the same. Dr. Jonathan Winickoff, an associate professor in pediatrics at MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Boston, said that […]


Beware Parents: If You Don’t Want Your Children To Go Blind Like This 2-Year-Old, Limit Their Use Of Smartphones

Children nowadays, at a young age already uses smartphones and other devices. Is it really advisable to let young kids access these devices? A concerned dad shared on his Facebook his experience and warning other parents not to let their children use these devices too much. In the case of this Thai dad, he started […]

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Vendor Accidentally Dented This Expensive Rolls Royce And The Reaction Of The Owner Made Her Knees Weak

In this world full of people that considers others as inferior or less due to their economic status, it is great to see kindness in any way. A woman selling Pudding in Guandong, China has accidentally scratched a Rolls Royce, a luxurious and expensive car which was parking nearby the area. The woman has lost her control […]