If You Ask Your Partner And He Did These 4 Gestures, He/She Is Definitely Lying According To CIA

Trust is a vital aspect of any kind of relationship; aside from friendship and faith, trust should be the foundation for a relationship to last. But sometimes, being a little suspicious also helps you identify if your partner is telling the truth or lying on your face.

“Liar, liar, pants on fire,” but you could avoid setting some pants on legit fire in order to tell if your partner (or even someone for that matter) is telling a lie by unleashing your inner CIA.

Below are some factors to consider to tell if someone is lying:

Pay attention to the nasal engorgement and itching

Alan Hirsch of “The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation” in Chicago said that when a person lies, there is a specific tissue that normally swells up called the “Pinocchio Sign”. Hirsch said that this particular engorgement causes cells to release histamine which led the nose to itch.

Aversion and negation green light

If the other person manifests negation cues like covering or blocking the mouth, covering or rubbing the eyes, nose or ears, he or she is likely lying. Aversion clues also include turning the head or body away while making a crucial statement.

Keep your ears open for religious rhetoric

Phrases like “I swear on my mother’s grave” or “God is my witness” usually raises a red flag, better inspect more.

Denial phrases

Often hear phrased like “trust me”, “honestly”, and “to be honest” are major signs of lying. It is considered evasive or the attempt to try changing a perception, these are just typical clues to lying.

Source: Family Share

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