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What To Do When An ATM Did Not Dispense Cash After A Withdrawal Transaction

Some of us tend not to store cash in our wallets in order to avoid spending too much or losing it, the good thing, ATM cards, and machines are there to give us an easy-access to our hard-earned money.

But sometimes, not all odds are in our favor as ATM also exhibits some lapses. Some could not print receipts others do not dispense the correct amount you key in to withdraw and worse, do not dispense money at all yet it was deducted from your balance.

If this happens to you, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas suggests not to panic and following these tips to secure the money that should be in your hands

1.Take note of the basic details of the incident such as date, time, ATM location, and other necessary details like your card number.

2. Secure the receipt by taking a photo or having a duplicate copy of it as some ATM receipts use paper that prints could be easily erased.

3. Immediately notify your bank and authorities about what happened, make sure to give them the full details of the incident.

4. File a formal complaint in case the issue was not resolved immediately or your money was not returned right away. Send a complaint letter to your bank including the important details and documents to support the complaint.

5. Send a letter to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas if the bank did not immediately take action to your complaints. Also, provide all the necessary details and documents and attached it to the letter.

Source: GMA News

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