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WATCH: Woman Suffers “Kulam” For 6 Years

In the Philippines, witchcraft popularly known as “kulam” has always been deemed as fiction despite the number of circumstances proving that it is real. But would you believe that until this modern times, kulam is still being pra­cticed in order to inflict pain on other people out of anger, jealousy, or other evil motives to make other people suffer?

Just like this woman who allegedly succumbed to dark spell for almost five years simply because of an envious extended family member.

According to Nick Banayo, a self-proclaimed faith healer, he encountered this woman whose life was being controlled by a “professional mangkukulam” and turned the lady into the total wreckage. He narrated how the woman experienced blindness for 6 months, hair and teeth loss, physical pain, made her look like an 80-year-old wrinkly old woman and even underwent heart surgery although she does not have any heart disease.

Because of this suffering, the lady already wasted a lot of money for medical consultation and even consulted a total of nine faith healers but all of them were defeated and later on died as they could not defeat the so-called “professional mangkukulam” who victimized the lady.

When the lady seeks the help of Nick, he was able to make the culprit confess her identity and revealed that her name is Emily, the sister-in-law of the victim’s aunt. During the healing session, Nick asked why she did that to the lady, to which she confessed:

“Kasi maraming nagmamahal sa kaniya! Hindi siya madamot, nagbibigay siya kahit kanino. Pinapakain niya ang mga tao kahit di nya kilala. Kapag may nagugutom, binibigyan niya ng pagkain. Namimigay siya ng pagkain, kahit damit niya, kahit bag niya. Lahat ng sa kaniya pinammigay niya sa taong nangangailangan. May pinagamot pa yan na babae, pinagamot niya, may sakit. Di siya nanghihinayan sa pera niya kasi ang galing niya magtrabaho, matalino siya. Mahal siya ng bos niya! Kaya papatayin ko siya!”
“Mahal na mahal siya ng asawa niya. Inggit ako sa kanya. Inggit ako sa kanya.Papapangitin ko siya. Pinakulubot ko na mukha niya. Sobra ang inggit ko sa kanya. Soba-sobra ang inggit ko sa kanya. Ang bait niya kasi, kahit sasabihan mo ng masama, di siya nagagalit,” the spirit added.

During the session, Emily also revealed that the lady victim sent her to school which made her landed in a good job. This angered Nick and tortured her even more while saying: “Hipag ka ng tita niya? Tapos pinag-aral ka? Oh tapos ganyan pa ang ginanti mo? Natutuwa ako sayo eh! Natutuwa ako. Ano yang ginagawa mo, ha? Pinagaral ka na, ginanyan mo pa?”

And before the healing ended, Emily asked for forgiveness: ”Patawad. Sorry, inggit ako sayo. Kasi maganda ka, mabait ka pa, madami kang natutulungan. Kahit di mo kilala, pinapakain, tinutulungan mo.”

When the victim came back to her consciousness, she is totally clueless about what just happened. And when asked if she knows a certain Emily, she said that it was her aunt’s sister-in-law and recalled that she offered to send Emily to school as she was just tending the laundry.

Watch the series of faith healing process below:



Source: Trending News Portal

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