You Can Build One Of These Houses With Only P300k ($6,000) Budget

If a genie pops in front of your right now and said that he will grant at least three of your life’s wishes, what are the wishes you would want him to turn into reality?

I’m sure most you had a common thing on your wish list and that is to have your own house and lot, right? Sadly, genies aren’t real they are only a product of our imagination and owning a house will probably remain as a dream as it will cost more than what we can afford.

But genies are not the only way to turn your dreams and be able to live in your own home as you can actually acquire a simple and comfortable house complete with bedroom kitchen, and toilet & bath for as low as P300,000.

Yup, you read that right. No need to dream of having your first million to be able to own a house, with just a P300,000 budget, you can already own a small space that you could call your own.

Below are some of the home design that will only cost you a little production and materials cost but can definitely last a lifetime:

Meanwhile, your dream budget-home could also be possible through the help of this Mindanao-bases builder who specialized in modular houses and pre-fabricated concrete and can only build your tiny-home in such an affordable amount and limited time.

In just a matter of 3 days to 1 week and a budget ranging from P240,000 to P620,000, you can already avail a comfortable living home of your own.

Below are the image, details, and floor plan of some small but beautiful home that they’ve already created:

Check out the video below:

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