Husband Brutally Killed His Wife By Chopping Her Body Like A Goat, Says He Didn’t Regret At All

“May diperensya sa pag-iisip”

This is how Quezon City Police District director Supt. Guillermo Eleazar described the 43-year-old Orlando Estrera who recently admitted killing his wife and chopping her body parts into pieces.

According to reports, Estrera’s brutal crime was discovered when some of their neighbors at Republic Avenue Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City spotted the suspect throwing something in the trash only to find out that it was actually the body of his 46-years-old wife Heidi Estrera which was already shredded into pieces.

In an interview with Estrera, he admitted being agitated with life due to the numerous problems and these problems includes his nagger wife.

The suspect believes that his wife is possessed by an unknown animal since she is always mad at him from morning ‘till night. He also admitted that sometimes, he sees his wife as a goat which led him to peel Heidi’s skin alive.

Estrera added that he decided to scrutinize Heidi’s body, particularly her stomach to retrieve a fetus that he implanted and worked hard for a long time ago.

“Hindi ako natakot at nangdiri habang hinihiwa ko katawan niya guminhawa ang pakiramdam ko nang makitang ganun na siya, naka bawi narin ako sa hirap habang kasama ko siya,” the suspect exclaimed.

In the crime scene, police have recovered a kitchen knife and hammer which the suspect use for killing and chopping his wife.

According to Gen. Eleazar, aside from filing parricide charges against Estrera, they are now also waiting for the result of his drug test to determine if he is under the influence of drugs when he executed the crime.

Source: Facebook | Bombo Radyo

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