Pervert Caught Red-Handed By Girl After Taking Video Of Her Legs While Flash Is On

Nowadays, everybody can already get their hands on a smartphone be it the latest model or the most affordable ones with the same features. With its unlimited function from sending a text message, calling, connecting to social media, managing calendar, alarm clock, and flashlight, it is safe to say that smartphones are already a necessity in one’s life.

But this kind of multi-functional gadget could not just give us hundreds of benefits, but its function can also put you in an awkward or embarrassing situation.

Just like what happened to this perverted guy who was caught secretly filming a woman’s legs while inside a public transport with a very limited space.

In the 27-second clip going rounds on social media, a guy could be seen riding a public transport while firmly keeping himself busy with his phone.

However, his smartphone’s flash is turned on and it is angle is obviously focused on the legs of the woman in front of her.

Since he is obviously admiring and filming the lady’s legs, the lady was also smart to keep her camera rolling (making sure that the flash is turned off) to record the guy’s perverted act.

And after a few seconds, the woman slammed her by saying “Kuya, baka gusto mong tanggalin yung flash?” (Mister, perhaps you’d like to turn off your [phone’s] flash?)

Without reacting too much, the guy pretended that he was not rattled with the lady’s statement and immediately turned off the flash or probably ended his perverted recording.

Watch the guy’s priceless reaction below:

What would you do if you are caught in the same situation? Share us your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: RachfeedYouTube

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