SHOCKING: Doctors Found This Inside Woman’s Breast After Eating 3 Live Frogs A Day

There is really no harm in believing and trying folk remedies as it has been practiced in different parts of the world even centuries ago, but if it already involves eating live animals in order to cure a certain disease, one should better think twice as it could do more harm than cure.

Just like what happened to this 59-year-old Chinese woman who followed a folk remedy and ate three live frogs, five years after, worms were found lurking on her swollen breast.

According to a Hangzhou News report, the woman who was only identified by her surname Yao was rushed to Jiaxing’s Tongxiang Second People’s Hospital in Zhejiang Province for a breast lump removal but doctors found more than a simple lump.

“I found an object that resembled a worm’s head in her breast. I tried to clip it out, and then pull out a 13-centimetre-long (five inches) tapeworm,” Dr. Zhang Yung told reporters.

It turned out that Miss Yao has been suffering from rheumatism for a long time already, this causes her body joints and connective tissues to feel pain.

This led her to learn about a folk remedy of eating three live frogs and keeping it as a secret in order to cure the pain.

Apparently, Miss Yao’s family only learned about her strange medication after she was first hospitalized due to parasitic infection.

The first hospitalization happened a few months after she swallowed the frogs, she was rushed to Shanghai hospital complaining of stomach pain. Doctors then diagnosed her a parasite-induced intestinal obstruction.

But after medication, Miss Yap’s symptoms disappeared and five years after, she discovered that she developed a lump in her right breast which led to the discovery of the 5-inches long tapeworm living inside her breast.

As of writing, Miss Yao is reportedly recovering after undergoing the surgery last week although it is still uncertain if she would suffer any infection as the parasite larvae could spread quickly inside a human body.

Source: Daily Mail