Karen Davila Shares Traumatic Experience Of Family In Siargao During Holy Week

While the majority of the Philippine population are doing their annual Visita Iglesia in observance of the Holy Week, some of the Filipinos are hitting the beach and other summer destination for their much awaited long weekend outing and one of those is veteran broadcaster Karen Davila who decided to visit the beautiful island of Siargao.

Recently, Siargao is making it on the people’s bucket list due to its beautiful beaches perfect for adventure seekers and has now been tagged as “home to the best surfing in the Philippines”. Many travelers have shared their own experience on the island and most of them have nothing but good words to share, except for Davilla whose first trip in Siargao with her family went wrong.

In a lengthy Facebook post, the veteran journalist shared the “nightmare” they experienced in the island involving his two sons who availed the cheap surfing lesson which is the main attraction on the island. But just half an hour in the surfing lesson, his eldest David came to them with blood on his body and ripped off swimwear and declared that he got involved in an accident.

“I WAS SPEECHLESS. My son’s whole chest, was bleeding from crisscrossing abrasions (as you can see on the photo above) with a deeper gash under the right rib, clearly from hitting the rocks on the shallow waters, his chin bruised and covered with blood, his right hand in cuts like that from a small knife,”: Davilla narrated.

She then expressed her frustration and disappointment to her son’s attending trainer who suddenly disappeared and didn’t even help them give first aid to her injured son. Much to her disappointment, there were no paramedics available on the island to assist any tourists who might get an accident while surfing.

Good thing, some resorts owner helped them take his son to the nearest hospital which took about 45-minutes drive, however, she revealed that the hospital also lacks medicines that should be used for first aid response.

Being a journalist that she is, Davila went out to seek the help of the local government of Siargao particularly the Mayor of General Luna town and vent out her concerns including surfing instructors who do not have proper certification and the absence of lifeguards and first aid clinic in the beach area.

Her lengthy post also includes suggestions for the local and national government to allot funds to improve the island which is now gaining attention from both local and foreign tourists.


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Meanwhile, netizens expressed mixed reaction on Davila’s experience. Some agreed on her frustrations while others blamed her for letting his child go on an extreme sport like surfing knowing that he has challenges in coordination as he is on the autism spectrum.

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Source: Facebook