Mayor, 2 Actresses Among Survivors On Antique Boat Incident That Left 1 Person Dead

After Karen Davila’s viral accident nightmare in Siargao went viral on social media, another beach accident occurred at Antique where one man died while others including a local government official and two actresses were rescued after their speedboat tip over while on their way to an island on a Holy Thursday morning.

According to reports, Pandan Mayor Jonathan Tan was with his friends’ actresses Bianca Manalo and Ehra Madrigal and supposed to tour them in Mararison Island, a popular island destination in the Province of Antique.

According to Sebaste police officer-in-charge Sr. Inspector Glen Jaromay, the three including other friends were on their way to the island when their speedboat was hit by strong waves

“The waves were quite big and the wind was gusty. The speedboat was hit by waves and it capsized,” he said in Bisaya.

Pandan public relations officer Jesus Aguirre Dioso said that Mayor Tan and his companion had to swim for 2 hours before being rescued.

“The boat capsized at 10:50 a.m., they arrived in the shoreline at 1:45 p.m. Mayor Tan and Torebeo Barrentos swam for more than 2 hours going to the shoreline. Fishermen saw them and helped them. Mayor Tan went onboard a pumpboat and went back to where the boat capsized and checked on the situation of his friends,” he shared.

Unfortunately, the 50-year-old Bennie Dable the bodyguard of one of Mayor Tan’s guests and the one driving the speedboat died as soon as he arrived in the hospital.

Dioso said the other survivors include 65-year-old Majel Tresche; Madrigal’s 47-year-old husband Tom Yeung, 47; 41-year-old Torebeo Barrentos, an unidentified female; and 2 minors.

Source: ABS-CBN News

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