Man Kills Pregnant Neighbor After Repeatedly Asking Him When He’ll Get Married

In a world of complicated relationships, there are people who choose to stay single. They are the ones who do not rush when it comes to love and just waits for God’s perfect time for them.

However, it seems that this single man from Indonesia have had enough of the pressure from his neighbor after the latter allegedly repeatedly asked him as to when he plans to get married.

In a report by IBtimes, an Indonesian man has allegedly murdered his neighbor for repeatedly bugging him with the question “When are you getting married?” This shocking incident took place in Kampung Pasir Jonge, Indonesia.

The suspect who was identified by the name, Faiz Nurdin reportedly strangled his 32-year old pregnant neighbor named Aisyah to death.

According to the suspect, the victim kept on bugging him by saying, “Faster get married, the others are already married, why aren’t you getting married yet?”

The suspect was offended by the repeated query from the neighbor and he finally decided to put a stop to it by ending the life of the victim.

According to investigations conducted by authorities, Nurdin visited Aisyay’s home. As they both walked into the living room, Nurdin followed her and pushed her on to the bed. Then using his bare hands, he strangled her to death. The victim tried to defend herself by biting his fingers but was overpowered by him. She eventually died.

Local police also added that Nurdin stole RM230 (approx Rs 3,781) and Aisyay’s smartphone before fleeing to Kalideris, Jakarta.

The authorities was quick enough to trace Nurdin’s whereabouts after he fled the scene and he was arrested after police officers shot his leg. Further reports also stated that Nurdin will face possible life imprisonment is he is found guilty by the Indonesian court.

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