Distressing Footage Shows Bridesmaid Being Groped And Harassed By Male Wedding Guests While Others Laugh And Cheer

There has been a certain practice in Chinese wedding ceremonies to ‘hire’ a bridesmaid. This is considered the Chinese way of ‘protecting’ the bride as the hired bridesmaid is considered a part of the wedding display.

Thus, to be a bridesmaid during a Chinese wedding ceremony can be a really dangerous responsibility. They are vulnerable to verbal harassment, and physical and even sexual abuse.

Just like what happened to this bridesmaid in a viral video that became a controversial topic on Chinese social media platforms.

In a report by Wereblog, photos showed that a woman dressed in blue who is believed to be the bridesmaid is swarmed with men around her. Each of them trying to get a chance to ‘grope’ her. As she lays on her back, men in suits push to reach her, touching her all over her body. Some even reaching inside her dress and fondling her breast.

While this unpleasant scene is going on, some of the other wedding guests in the busy room are seen smiling and cheering along, while several took photos on their mobile phones.

The disturbing clip has already been viewed over 1.7 million after being shared at Miaopai, a Chinese video-sharing platform. Netizens have also expressed opinions regarding this controversial issue. Most were outraged by such type of behavior of the guests and sympathize with the poor bridesmaid.

Meanwhile, it is still unknown as to where and when the incident took place. Authorities are now trying their best to find out these details so that proper action could be made against responsible individuals.