Pinoy Seaman Devastated After Discovering Cheating Wife’s Dirty Secrets

Cheating has always been a silent killer of many relationships and we could not deny the fact that throughout the years a lot of families got broken due to infidelity.

Nowadays, due to the advancement of technology, a cheating partner is easier to get caught through the use of photos, text messages, and social media posts as evidence.

Just like what happened to seafarer John Mark Javier who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo after he caught his wife, Nora having an affair with another man.

On the exact birthday of his wife, John Mark went to complain about her when he saw some evidence of Nora’s infidelity.

John Mark narrated that while he was cleaning the house, he saw Nora’s phone and got curious to snoop in her messages. Through Nora’s Facebook Messenger application, he found series of explicit exchange of messages with a certain Darling Bueno.

The messages also contain photo attachment showing that Nora and her lover have been together before.

When the program contacted Nora, she said she could not understand what is happening and denied the cheating accusations. She also said that her online account might be hacked or used by another person.

John Mark now wants to end their relationship and get the custody of the children, but Nora requested if they could talk privately to settle the issue.

What happened during their confrontation will surely shock you, watch the full story below:

Source: Facebook

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