Woman Cries ‘Stone Tears’ For 7 Years And Even Experts Find It Hard To Explain Her Case

Tears may be just one of the many types of liquid that comes out of our bodies but that simple drop of clear salty liquid holds many different meanings. It can signify happiness, sadness and even pain.

In the case of this woman from China, her tears have literally caused her pain after she has been mysteriously producing stone tears for seven years now. The woman have now tried to seek out the help of the media because several doctors did not take her situation seriously.

Seven years ago, Ding Aihua felt a pain in her eyes and her husband, Liang Xinchun, was shocked to find a stone under her eyelid.

PAY-Liang-Xinchun (2)

Since then, she has been producing stone tears. Liang, who is a farmer in Lufang village in Heze City Shandong, China, uses wire to remove the stone to ease her wife’s pain. She would feel relief everytime the stones are removed but that is only temporary.

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According to Wereblog, no doctors have been able to explain the bizarre phenomena, and every time they went to the hospital, they won’t take them seriously, treating them as if they are crazy. Despite going all over the country looking for treatment, medics usually refuse to accept that he and his wife are telling the truth.


This prompted the husband to seek the help of the media so that his wife may be given the proper attention and treatment. Liang took a video of himself getting stone from his wife’s eyes and that caught the attention of the media.

Lucky for the couple, a journalist decided to accompany them to the hospital. Doctors are now trying to find an explanation to what might be the cause of Aihua’s peculiar type of tears.

Check out the video below:

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