Blind ‘Fortune Teller’ Predicts His Customer’s Destiny By Touching Their Boobs

Are you the type of person who believes in fortune telling and believes that some methods done by fortune tellers could actually predict what the future lays ahead for you? If yes, then we are sure that you have probably tried some of the common fortune telling methods such as palm reading, astrology, reading of crystal sphere, and tarot card reading, right?

But would you ever let a stranger fumble your breast in order to foresee what may or may not happen in your life? Well, this is the unusual method done by a Chinese man who claims to be a mystic fortune teller and surprisingly, a lot of women were actually into her fortune telling style.

The odd fortune telling technique of this man first went viral on a Chinese video uploading site called Miaopai.

In the 25-seconder video, the mystical man could be seen holding his crutches on one hand while fondling a woman’s breast using his other hand, and he actually performs this strange method in front of several bystanders.

The man calmly massages the client’s breast while the woman doesn’t seem to mind her breast being caressed by a stranger and quietly waits for her future’s prediction.

But did you know that a fortune-telling method that involves a woman’s breast is not actually new as this is also being practiced in other countries like Spain and Japan?

In Spain, the method is called “sternomancy” wherein the fortune teller would observe the bumps of a woman’s chest down to her belly while in Japan the method is called “nyuurin uranai” which mean “divination determines one’s personality by looking at the nipples color and shape.”

However, this Chinese man’s boob-groping technique looks like a method that he personally developed. Do you think this man is a legit fortune teller or just some random pervert opportunist who wants to take advantage of women? Share us your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: YouTube