This Man Was Teased Because Of Collecting Old Tires, But What He Did With It Will Amaze You

What comes to your mind whenever you see an old, dirty and somehow worn out tires? Well, some of us may see it as a huge trash eating up space in the garage or repair shops, but for people in Africa, these old and used tires are gold.

This is because South African people are actually making use of these old tires and recycle them as a footwear to be used by people in order to protect their feet and soles from dirt and sharp objects.

And you might be surprised that they can actually craft this masterpiece in less than 10 minutes, yup, they can actually personalize the tire sandals as you watch.

This African guy actually buys dumped tires for an expensive amount, at first, his neighbors were laughing at his move thinking that buying old, dirty, and used tires is just a waste of money, but he did the opposite and actually made money out of it.

First, the guy will carefully trace your size on the used tire and manually cut it using simple tools like a knife. As soon as he’s done softening the edges of the sole, he then used a softer part of the scrap tire, cut it and attach to the soles making it the sandal’s strap.

The craftsman sells this very durable and useful creation for as low as $5 per pair, what a deal!

Back in 1935, Ethiopian rebels innovated this tire sandal and called it “Ten Thousand Miles” as you can literally walk a thousand miles using it without breaking its soles.

Watch how they amazingly create this clever sandal below:

Source: YouTube | ED Times | The Good Catch