Housewives To Receive Php 2,000 Monthly Allowance Soon

In ancient times, women are made to stay at home and do household work. However, due to the empowerment of women, most women nowadays strive to be on par with men.

Women have equal rights to men.

Pinay Housewives/ABANTE

Despite this empowerment, some women still choose to stay at home to take good care of the children and her husband.

This pertains to ‘plain housewives’ meaning they stay at home with no income generated like their husbands.

Pinay Housewives/ABANTE

Albay Rep. Joel Sarte Salceda made a move in appreciating these ‘plain housewives’ through passing House Bill 8875. This bill aims to seek allowance or salary for housewives to compensate for their efforts in taking good care of the family. 

Pinay Housewives/ABANTE

According to the proposal passed last January 2018, in a women’s population of 12 Million, there are 11.2 Million that is considered as housewives and do not earn any income.

These are the qualifications for claiming the 2,000 Pesos allowance per month, those housewives without a job and has a child under the age of 12. This allowance should continue until the child reaches 12 years old.