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Hero Surgeon Slept On Hospital Floor After A 28-Hour Surgery

What is a hero? Heroes are usually depicted with special or unnatural super powers in their elastic suits to hide their true identity.

However, in our modern times heroes don’t wear capes. Sometimes they wear lab gowns and masks.

A sleeping doctor was captured on photo sleeping on the corridor floor of the hospital after a 28-hour day of performing surgery.

Hero Surgeon/METRO

Luo Heng, the sleeping doctor, has been tagged as a hero after the photo was seen in Anhui, China.

Hero Surgeon/METRO

On that day before he got his rest, he has performed five consecutive surgeries. Two of which were performed during his night shift succeed by another three in the morning.

Hero Surgeon/METRO

People have seen his hard work and commend him. While others were concerned about the number of breaks he has taken.

One user commented:

‘I salute you, you have worked hard.’ 

Another added:

‘I hope the media do not promote this. A doctor is not only a career, but a doctor is also a person.’

It is great to see someone burning with so much compassion and doing what he loves. Even with little rest, he continues to fulfill his sworn duty with all his heart.

Source: Metro