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Retired Teacher Undergoes Operation, Left In Tears After Knowing Her Hospital Bills Were All Paid Up

Teachers, the mentors and second parents we have in school. Spending more than half a day in school, our lives are slowly molded by our teachers.

With the aim of imparting knowledge and wisdom to their students, without asking for anything in return.

Most of the things we know were from the teachings of our teachers thus thanking and appreciating their craft is indeed important.

Former Student Pay Teacher's Hospital Bill/Pinoy Patrol

Virgina Roble, for quite a long time has been a high school teacher in Mandaue, Cebu. Just like most teachers out there, she is proud to see how her students are having a successful life.

Throughout her profession, she has encountered countless students and one of them is Dilbert Monicit.

Unknown to Ma’am Virgina she would be able to see her student, Dilbert Monicit, again.

One day, the high school teacher was scheduled for a surgery in Perpetual Succour Hospital due to her broken arm. To her surprise upon settling her bills in the nurse station, the receipt has a note saying:

“Professional fee paid twenty-two years ago (one of my favorite teacher!)”

Former Student Pay Teacher's Hospital Bill/Pinoy Patrol

It turned out that her former student, Dilbert Monicit, is now a Doctor and one of the surgeons in the said hospital. After founding out that his favorite teacher was in the hospital, he voluntarily waived his professional fee.

Gratitude has overflown inside of Ma’am Virgina and as an expression of this she shared their unforgettable encounter on Facebook saying:

“Just checked out of Perpetual Succour Hospital. I got this note from the nurses’ station. Thank you for the early Christmas gift, Dr. Dilbert Monicit. Thank you for being there. It really made me teary-eyed when I read it. I thought it was for my medication because it was on a prescription paper.”

It is always great to know that in one way or another, we may have touched a person’s life. 

Source: Pinoy Patrol