Avoid These 5 Common Foods That’s Bad For Your Stomach

With the fast paced world we are in today, most people aren’t conscious about what they eat.

Easy to grab products are just at the tip of our fingers; convenience stores, deliveries, 24-hours food chains and more. Not knowing that these foods may pose a digestion problem.

Foods Hard To Digest/Elite Readers

However, not all sugary snacks are the culprit; it might be the regular food on our diet too.

These are the common foods that are making digestion difficult for your body:

Foods Hard To Digest/Elite Readers

1. Junk Food

Without a doubt, these foods aren’t good for you. Processed foods like your favorite potato chips and even the breakfast cereal you enjoy contains additives that lengthens their shelf life.

2. Fiber

Foods Hard To Digest/Elite Readers

This might be a surprise. Fiber which is present in oats, whole grains, fruits, beans and rice are also indigestible. However, it plays an important role in your digestive health.

According to studies, both insoluble and soluble fiber are needed by the body; the insoluble fiber promotes healthy gut bacteria while soluble fiber is good for the heart. Just take these foods in moderation and not so much at night!

3. Dairy Products

Most people are lactose-intolerant because of the lack of enzyme that digests lactose present in milk and other dairy products.

Luckily, there’s an alternative to enjoy dairy without having an upset stomach. Eating aged cheese and yogurt which contains sugar eating bacteria would be better.

Foods Hard To Digest/Elite Readers

4. Artificial Sweeteners

The alternative sugar when there’s no available at bay. However, the body has a difficulty in digesting these alternative sugar. Despite having low calorie content, aspartame may produce a negative effect on digestion

5. Corn

Foods Hard To Digest/Elite Readers

The kernel contains cellulose that requires a certain enzyme to be digested. However, humans lack this enzyme thus making corn pass through our digestive system without much change.

Take these foods in moderation, keep a healthy lifestyle and live longer. Love your body without a doubt!

Source: Elite Readers