Lalaki Naputukan Di Umano Ng Ugat Sa Mata Dahil Sa Sobrang Paglalaro Ng Mobile Games

Too much or too less of anything isn’t great for our well-being. Just the right amounts to everything are necessary to keep balanced health on the check.

Recently. a man has suffered from burst blood vessels in the eyes due to excessive mobile games. Since the exposure to the cellphone for long periods of time causes the condition subconjunctival hemorrhage. This will serve as a warning for kids and adults who spend too much time on their phones.

It can be seen that the white portions of his eyes turned into bloodshot red. This was due to too much of the mobile game ‘mobile legends’ that led him to this condition. Too much time has been spent in playing wherein his focus was only on his phone for a very long time and almost every day without giving time for his eyes to rest.

Subconjunctival hemorrhage is the condition wherein fragile blood vessels are easily ruptured or broken. This may occur with just simply sneezing or coughing too hard.

Other than eye strain due to too much gadget playing, subjunctival hemorrhage can be caused by lifting of too heavy things, forced vomiting or high blood pressure. This may be gone by 2-3 weeks with the right rest and medications.

Always try to limit the use of gadgets especially for children. Learn to have self control in using these gadgets.

Source: The Trending Planet