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Vendor Accidentally Dented This Expensive Rolls Royce And The Reaction Of The Owner Made Her Knees Weak

In this world full of people that considers others as inferior or less due to their economic status, it is great to see kindness in any way.

A woman selling Pudding in Guandong, China has accidentally scratched a Rolls Royce, a luxurious and expensive car which was parking nearby the area.

Vendor and Roll Royce Owner/PINOY YAN

The woman has lost her control over her cart since the street was sloping downwards causing her to scratch the Rolls Royce parking nearby. Upon seeing that she has scratched the car, she panicked thinking that the repair cost wold be costly on her part; wherein she would definitely work twice or thrice harder to pay for the repairs of such car.

Vendor and Roll Royce Owner/PINOY YAN

Upon the arrival of the owner and saw what happened; the woman instinctively asked for forgiveness and explained what happened.

Vendor and Roll Royce Owner/PINOY YAN

Thankful enough, the car owner was kind and understanding that he didn’t blame the pudding vendor for the accident.

“She’s only a soft pudding seller. There’s no way she could pay for the damages. It’s okay, let it go. Go ahead and resume your business,” said the owner of the car

Despite of the fact that she was forgiven, she was still guilty of what happened to the car.

Embarrassed of what happened in that area, she swore that she wouldn’t sell in that area anymore.

Upon hearing this, the car owner contacted her and assured her that she should continue selling in that area and don’t worry much on the accident happened.

Vendor and Roll Royce Owner/PINOY YAN

“To show his sincerity, he went to the vendor’s house to encourage her with continuing her business saying, My family was also poor and I, too, has to work hard to earn a living. I could recall being dejected by a similar experience a long time ago,”

It is heart warming to see that there’s still kindness in this chaotic world. May we also spread kindness to everywhere we go and bless other people’s days/lives.

Source: Pinoy Yan