Natural Na Lunas Para Sa Pasma, Binat At Mga Lamig Sa Katawan

It is really important to take care of our body because what we don’t know is that medication is more expensive compared to prevention such as eating healthy.

In ancient times, our ancestors don’t use any pharmaceutical drugs to cure diseases but only use natural and herbal medicines various conditions.

Spasms, relapse, and muscle knots are just treated in the past with natural ingredients without spending so much money.

Spasm is a type of nerve problem that causes tremors or sweating of the body parts which usually occurs at the hand or palm. It also causes body pain or muscle spasm.

Relapse, on the other hand, is a condition where a person just healed from sickness and suddenly force the body to work, resulting in relapse. Relapse after childbirth is the most dangerous because it could lead to mental disorder or worst, untimely passing.

Muscle knots, also known as Myofascial Trigger Points, is a condition that causes pain throughout the body or part where it is affected. This is sometimes caused by overexposure to air that accumulates within the person’s body. It could be treated by massage.



  • Coconut
  • Half liter of fresh coconut juice
  • ¼ Roasted rice
  • ¼ Roasted corn
  • 10 fresh leaves of sambong
  • 10 fresh leaves of pomelo
  • 10 fresh oregano leaves
  • 10 fresh tamarind leaves
  • 10 fresh leaves of kamias
  • 10 fresh avocado leaves
  • 10 fresh mango leaves
  • 10 fresh guava leaves
  • 10 fresh leaves of the guyabano


  • Wash all the leaves.
  • After washing the leaves, put it in a clean casserole. Add the roasted corn and rice as well as the coconut and fresh coconut juice.
  • Boil it mixture for 20-30 minutes.
  • Prepare a clean blanket and wrap yourself by wearing jogging pants, jackets, socks and place a bonnet on the head.
  • When it boils, place it inside of your room. 
  • Cover yourself with a blanket with the casserole. Just be careful.
  • Open the lid of the casserole and sniff the smoke that will come out of it.
  • After then, change your clothes.

Sources: Health Line / MS Trust