DOH To Hospitals: No Down Payment Required In Cases of Emergency

Recent emergency situations have circulated over the internet wherein hospitals were more concerned with the deposit payment of their service rather than the performing their services first.

Health services should be available with or without deposit, A Department of Health (DOH) reiterated. Patients seeking emergency treatment in both public and private hospitals should be aided immediately.

Assistant Secretary Elmer Punzalan said in an interview that “Government hospitals do not require deposits from patients. Private hospitals on the other hand (should) treat patients, then refer them to government hospitals, if necessary”

Punzalan noted that there might be on going opposition RA 10932 or the Anti-Hospital Deposit Law, there must be a proper venue for it.

RA 10932  the Anti-Hospital Deposit Law

Signed by President President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Thursday, August 3, states that it is unlawful for hospitals or medical clinics to “request, solicit, demand or accept any deposit or any other form of advance payment as prerequisite for administering basic emergency care, for confinement or medical treatment, or to refuse to administer medical treatment and support to any patient”

Under this new law for any official, medical practitioner or employee of the hospital or medical clinic who violates the provisions of this Act is punishable  by: