Poor Man Struggles To Swim From Cebu To Bohol To Visit Parent’s Tomb Because He Has ‘No Money’ To Buy A Ticket

How far can sacrifice take you?

On a sunny day at Talisay Port in Cebu City, coast guards and other security personnel of the area was surprised to see a man floating in the dock last November 2018.

Authorities were vigilant to understand underlying circumstances and immediately took him out of the water. It seemed as though he used only a styrofoam to help him stay afloat.

He was identified as Caferino Angco by the coast guards when he was prepped and changed after the exposure from water.

Angco says that because he could not afford to buy a ticket, he decided to try swimming his way from Cebu to Bohol so he could visit his relative who passed away.

According to him, since swimming is prohibited in the area, he waited until it was evening and carried his plan at 11:30 PM. Summing up a total of 9 hours of him floating in the water, says The Freeman.

Fortunately for him, his efforts did not go to waste for the news spread and reached JoJo Bacaitos, a public official in Talisay Cebu.