Milk Tea Fan: Girl Hospitalized After Approximately 100 Tapioca Pearls ‘Clogged Up’ Inside Her Stomach

Before anything else, let me elaborate what bubble tea is. This is a popular drink consisting tapioca balls, sugar, flavorings and as the name suggests, some type of tea.

At some point, this trend has gain the attention of the people. And if you’ve had a taste of this thirst quencher there is no denying that you’ll want another drink after one taste.

However, this girl’s story may change your perspective about bubble tea where hundreds of undigested tapioca balls seemed to have been stuck in her stomach, says Shaoxing News.

The girls parents took her to the hospital after her consequent complains of severe stomach aches and constipation, where doctors discovered the cause.

Her stomach became severely bloated and authorities of Zhuji’s People Hospital in the Zheijang Province of China decided to order a CT scan for clearer result.

It appears that her stomach was clogged with “granular shadows” which was the cause of her consequent stomach pains, says Shaoxing News.

When the doctors asked the girl if she’d eaten anything that would cause it to look like that, she answered that she had bubble tea before coming to the hospital. However, the doctors think that one bubble tea could not cause that much “granular shadows” on her digestive tract so it must’ve been more than one.