Woman Shares How Hospital Allegedly Tries to Manipulate Their Bill

On a post by Jeanette Mika Eugenio last July 6, she shared her experience about a certain hospital (she decided not to disclose the hospital name).

Claiming that the authorities had tried to charge her with bills she knew was not supposed to be on her billing statement. 

June 23 when they took her father to the hospital because of his consequent complaints of severe headache and unstable BP count.

The family insisted that he get CT scanned to fully know the cause of his pain. They planned to cover the CT scan charge with Philhealth so they won’t be paying it with cash. However, when they got their bill, it was opposite of what they have expected.

At the time his father was discharged from the hospital, they were given an initial bill of P34,000. The family was shocked to receive such high price when they thought the CT scan was covered by Philhealth.

In further check of the given bill statement, the family found out that they have been charged with times two of what they requested while some shouldn’t even be included in the bill.

Also, the Professional Fee seemed unjustifiable because the doctor and patient seldomly met, says Eugenio.