9 Serious And Negative Effects Of ‘W’ Sitting To Your Child’s Health

There are various aspects that could affect ones health and most people don’t give these things much attention. From food to exercise, most of us forget the importance these things contribute to achieve a better health. 

Did you know that sitting could also greatly affect your health condition?

According to studies, people who sit more than eight hours a day are people who most likely develop serious medical illnesses.

This concept can be accepted logically by the society because it is known that walking, running and exercising are good ways to develop health.

One of the most risky type of sitting especially for children is the ‘W’ sitting, where physical therapist Jean McNamara explained:

“W sitting is not recommended for anyone. Many, typically developing children, do move through this position during play, but all parents should be aware that the excessive use of this position during the growing years can  lead to future orthopedic problems.”

‘W’ sitting is were the legs form a letter w. Children mostly used this type of sitting and can drive many orthopedic problems because of it’s none beneficial position.