Female Student Shares Traumatic Experience After Creepy Guy On Bus Stop Allegedly Smeared Semen On Her

Even when we do our best to improve the security of our environment, there are always those people who loves to preserve evil deeds. Raising panic towards the society especially during night time.

In order to prevent series of crimes, this woman raised awareness towards her experience on a new modus.

July 12 when Nalah Athena Dy, was trying to get home late at night. According to her Facebook post, she waited to get a taxi on SM North and noticed that there were many netizens who were trying to grab a taxi.

Deciding to find another place she could book a taxi, she walked a distance and was later on approached by a man.

“Miss may sumusunod na lalaki sa inyo, hindi niyo po ba nahalata?” The man had told her. Dy said that she was doubtful about what the man said because she hasn’t noticed anyone suspicious while she was walking. 

The man insisted that someone has been following her and even pointed out that the guy spread a yellowish stain on the shoulder of her uniform. Which she confirmed, describing it as something that looked like ‘tamod (semen)’. She panicked after her confirmation and started to cry. Willingly, the man offered that they wipe the stain off her clothes.

Dy said that they tried to go on a fast food chain but was unfortunately given no attention.