Flight Attendant Saw This Message On The Plane’s Bathroom, Helped Teen Girl From Kidnapper

Human trafficking is a rampant issue in the society even up to these days. It is a continuing struggle of our environment for most victims are underaged.

Also, only little people are brave enough to take actions and solve this crisis. However, this flight attendant’s story may touch your heart.

Shiela Fedrick, an Alaska Airlines stewardess, saved a teenager from human trafficking with the use of ‘secret messages’ on the cabins bathroom in order to communicate with the victim.

A seemingly distressed girl along with a well-clothed man boarded the same plane with Fedrick in Seattle 2011. She knew she needed to do something and even describing the the girl to have been on a very bad situation.

“(The girl) looked like she had been through pure hell,”- Fedrick

She could not put up with the poor display, so she approached the man to conversed but he only shoved her away, showing signs of defensiveness.

In order to communicate with the teen girl, the flight attendant left a note on the bathroom. “She wrote back on the note and said, ‘I need help,’says Fredrick on an interview with NBC News.