Grab Driver Receives Real Money From Strange Passenger, Turns Into Leaves While On His Wallet

One Malaysian Grab driver shared on a social networking site what other people taunt as ‘creepy’ or supernatural. 

The driver in this story went about his usual activity. This passenger, in particular, appeared normal, even laughing constantly at the back seat.

Given that the lady passenger was alone, the driver assumed that she was laughing at something on her phone even though the driver was second-guessing because he did not hear her talking to anyone. When he hit a pothole, the woman laughed harder as if she was amused about the whole thing.

When the passenger got off the vehicle, she gave the driver money as payment for the fare which amounted to RM8 ($2).

The grab driver took the money and put in his wallet. Sometime later, when he opened his wallet, he was flabbergasted when he saw eight pieces of leaves instead of money bills.

Netizens speculated that the woman was some kind of mystical creature. The leaves, according to stories construed by some, perhaps were changed into money by some magical spell but eventually turned back into leaves because the spell expired.

Others believed that the driver was a victim of hypnosis, of what we call ‘budol’ in the Philippines.