Hotel Cleaners Of A Famous Hotel Uses Toilet Brush To Clean Glasses, Caught On Video

In the Heilongjiang province of China, three hotels were sanctioned after authorities found unhygienic conditions in their guest rooms.

The penalties given these hotels operated by Kempinski, Shangri-La and Sheraton were not disclosed by the health and planning commission.

All evidences surfaced through a video footage that emerged online showing cleaners using the same toilet brushes to wipe the toilets, bathtubs, sinks and other surfaces, thus setting off a concern amongst netizens and hotel patrons.

In some footages shown from the Kempinski and Shangri-La properties even showed cleaners usng the same brush to wipe drinking water cups and then drying them with soiled bath towels.

All three luxury hotels were accused of failing to change bath towels, bed sheets and pillow cases for new guests, despite charging from about 800 yuan to 2,800 yuan (S$163 to S$572) for a room per night.

Soon after the video was circulated online, the health commission inspectors, tourism office, market supervision department, food and drug administration department and legislative affairs office gathered samples from the mentioned hotels for testing.

The results confirmed that the hotels indeed, have hygiene problems.