Mystery Behind The Plane That Landed 37 Years After Take Off

It is undeniable how people continue to get hooked by mysteries. One of which is this a mysterious story has spread in a rapid pace where an alleged plane took off with no problems at all, later disappearing in thin air and without trace, only to land 37 years later!

This is a story of a New York to Miami scheduled flight of Pan American Flight 914 on June 2, 1955. Having 3 crews and 57 passengers on board.

Three hours after the plane’s takeoff when no radar and air traffic controllers could detect their location nor contact the radio of the plane.

Supposedly vanishing and traces could be nowhere to find. Many rescue teams were sent forth to find any clues and hopefully identify the whereabouts of the missing plane.

Their mission went to waste as there weren’t anyone who knew where the plane had disappeared or crashed even.

As time passed, it was declared that the plane had crashed and all who was on board perished.

Later, a traffic controller, Juan de la Corte, noticed something weird on his radar. It was September 9, 1992 at Caracas Airport when a sudden presence of a dot on de la Corte’s radar suddenly appeared out of nowhere.