Valedictorian Regrets Graduating Top Of His Class While Sacrificing Relationships

“Working hard is good; it is, in fact, biblical but it should not be done for the sole purpose of a goal, for the sake or expense of relationship with others,”

In the 8-minute speech uploaded on Youtube by The King’s Academy, WPB, FL, these were the words that shared by 2019 Class Valedictorian Kyle Martin. He is a senior in The King’s Academy Class in West Palm Beach, Florida.

At the same time last year, he found out that he was eligible to be class valedictorian. And boy did he worked hard for it. He studied, he stressed and he sacrificed. And he got it.

By the end of senior class, he received the news that he was the class valedictorian for this year and for 15 seconds, he felt ecstatic. But as soon as that 16th-second mark passed, as he sat down back on his seat, he realized he felt empty. He felt nothing. And this was not the emotions he was expecting.

For the first time in months, he didn’t know what to do.

Sure, his achievements made him proud. But it only lasted for a fleeting 15 seconds.

Sure, his hard work paid off because he gets to give this 5-minute speech on graduation, but what was all this recognition for when he knew in his heart that he failed his life relationships?