Student Brings Family Picture For Homework, Made Teacher Cry After Knowing Their Story

Rheann Khinn Cabahog revealed a heartbreaking story to teacher after he requested all his students to bring family picture as their homework.

The boy had just lost his entire family during a fire incident last March 12, 2019 leaving him all alone.

Arnold Legara Cuevas, their teacher, did not expect to hear the news from his student which broke his heart.

All along, his teacher thought of it as a simple assignment but for the child it was vice versa. He could bring a photo but he could not bring his family back to him.

The child wrote on his assignment, “Ang aking pamilya noon ay saya-saya namin nagsisimba kami kumakain sa labas. Pero dumating ang araw na bigla akong lumungkot kasi ang mama at papa ko ay kinuha ni God. Pati mga kapatid ko iniwan na nila akong mag-isa.”

He said that he once had a happy family but was taken early by God and now he lives all alone.

Khinn was living with his grandmother in Davao City but the rest of his family, parents and siblings, were residing at Isabela.