Woman Finds A Second Wife For Her Husband To Take Care OF Him As She Is Pregnant

A woman from Malaysia proved that when it comes to love, the heart knows no boundaries and sharing one’s husband is how she showed that love.

This selfless woman is Khuzatul Atiqah, and she looked for a second wife for her husband because she was worried no one would take care of him while she was pregnant with their fifth child. 

Khuzatul unceasingly felt unwell during this pregnancy that it reached a point where she had to use a wheelchair to move around.

In her Facebook post, she worries what will happen to her husband and children if something bad happened to her.

So with a mission to find a second wife for her husband, Samuel Dzul, she went on a quest in social media and there she met and became friends with Nur Fathonah.

A single mother, Fathonah agreed to have breakfast at her friend’s house after much persuasion. She then eventually agreed to the wife’s wishes, after seeing how harmoniously everyone got along.

Fathonah and Dzul got married in a ceremony and the three of them are now living together and have opened a recording studio in Malaysia.