Girl Pulled Grandpa’s Life Support To Charge Her Phone

Picture this. 

An old man is in intensive care under life support. His millennial granddaughter was tasked to look out for the sick man. Her phone got a low battery warning and she badly needed to charge her mobile phone. She then pulls some plugs from the socket to charge her phone. Grandfather started to grasp for some air right away and the oblivious granddaughter, unaware of what was happening took some pictures all for the ‘gram.

Such is the story that circulated online of a 26-year-old girl who disconnected her grandpa’s life support machine so she could charge her phone.

Ideas Fun narrated, Ally Louia was alone with her grandfather in the room when her phone battery was about to get empty. There was only one socket in the room – the one where her grandfather’s life support machine was connected.

In a poorly misjudged decision, the girl disconnected the machine to charge her phone.

My phone was at 1% which for me is a critical situation. Besides, my mother asked me to text her right away how my grandpa was doing right after getting to the hospital.”, Louia reasoned out.

Based on that premise, she managed to take pictures of her then oxygen-deprived grandfather gasping for air.