Dirty Factory Caught On Cam Making Fake Version Of This Popular Soda

Did you know that in just a matter of ten years, the value of international trade in counterfeit and pirated physical products has risen by more than 80 percent? That means by 2020, counterfeit goods are more likely to deplete the global economy of 4.2 trillion dollars, with 5.4 million jobs at risk.

And it only gets worse. Fake foods, drugs, knock off car parts and even aviation components are on the rise.

If you’re a company that profits from authentic products, it means an increasing number of customers will be buying the products that you sell from someone else. It also means an increasing number of people will be put at risk because of counterfeiting and fraud.

Another product that was found to be counterfeited was the popular cola drink Pepsi.

In circulating news from WereBlog, these phony drinks were made in Baghdad, Iraq.

Obviously, it is an attempt to gain profit through fraudulent means at the expense of the consuming public.

Up until today, there is still no news that verifies if the factory shown in the video that was uploaded in 2015 has been closed down.