5 Most Dangerous/Poisonous Plants In The Philippines You Should Watch Out For

Aside from animals, plants are also a threat to our safety and could harm us unexpectedly. Indeed, the reality is stranger than fiction.

More than just having a beauty, there are plants that turned out to be a threat to our safety. Below are top 5 plants we should watch out before it could bury us 6-foot under.

5. Wolfsbane

Wolfsbane is a plant belonging to the buttercup family, also called devil’s helmet, contains large quantities of poison known as alkaloid pseudaconitine. This poison is so toxic the Ainu people of Japan have used the poison for the tips of their arrow for hunting.

Historically, Germany utilized the poison in their bullets and in ancient warfare in Asia the toxic substance has been used to poison water supplies.

4. English Yew

English Yew has soft, bright-red berries that are palatable especially for birds. But its fruit is the only part that is non-toxic, 50g is enough to kill a human.