Poor People From Haiti Eat ‘Mud Cookies’ Just To Survive Hunger

Not all people in the world are blessed with bountiful meals. Many of them find ways to survive even if it means risking their health. This is the reality today which Haiti people are experiencing. 

It is a struggle for the citizens of Haiti when it comes to purchasing goods especially nutritious ones like; vegetables and fruits.

Scarcity Forces Haiti People to Eat ‘Mud Cookies’ 

Wikipedia explained that the richest 1% of Haitans own the same wealth as 45 percent of the poorest population, making it the poorest place in the Western Hemisphere.

It is understood that they cannot afford any healthy food items, and their way to suppress their hunger is by eating mud cookies. Yes, mud, dirt. 

How do they make mud cookies?

First, women in Haiti buys dirt from their local market.