This Is How Robin And Mariel Padilla Treat Their Yayas and Helpers

Celebrity couple Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez gained the respect of netizens when a video of them having fun and playing games with their helpers went viral.

It was during a personal celebration at home when the said video was recorded.

A video posted on YouTube by user “jassyreignz happy TV” showed the Padilla family seems to have organized a celebration for their baby girl’s birth month wherein the ‘yayas’ are seen to be a part of the celebration.

They prepared a parlor game for the helpers and Robin was heard saying that he will give away P2,000 cash prize to whoever wins.

In the game, the helpers are required to get a piece of apple out of a basin full of water. When all of their 7 helpers joined the game, Robin increased the cash prize to P3,000.

Padilla, who is known for his action films and leading man roles has a very strong but gentlemanly personality. His stance is that of an action star but he is very flowery with his words.

He met Rodriguez in a noontime in ABS-CBN, got married and now they have Maria Isabella, their firstborn daughter. It was not a  secret that Mariel had previously encountered unsuccessful pregnancies and they consider Baby Isabella a miracle.