Beware: These Crabs Are Poisoning People In The Philippines

Like many marine species, the crabs have also become very popular in the worldwide gastronomy. However, it is important to know that there are also poisonous crabs of whom we should be aware of – with several species lurking dangerously in the Philippines seas. 

In a story shared on Facebook by Kathleen Go-Echavez, a doctor hailing from Oroquieta City in Misamis Occidental, they had a patient admitted with chief complaints of weakness and numbness of extremities with 4 over 5 motor strength, difficulty of breathing, increased blood pressure 240/120 mmHg, heart rate of 110 per minute, rapid shallow breathing, and uneven pupils or what is medically known as anisocoria.

The patient went into respiratory failure before being comatose with fully dilated pupils, paralysis with the absence of reflexes. later, was intubated and hooked to a mechanical ventilator.

All these transpired in two hours from time of admission. The CT scan showed unremarkable findings.

Moment later, another patient with the same symptoms was rushed to the hospital. It turned out to be the other patient’s co-worker. In luck, this man’s condition did not progress poorly.

During interview and history taking, their companions revealed that they ingested assorted shellfishes prior to the onset of symptoms.

These seafood delicacies were gathered from the beach shores of Mansabay, Lopez Jaena in the same province. That is when the medical staff suspected poisoning.