The Life Of Ellen Adarna Before Fame And Success

Stunning face, sexy physique and a wicked sense of humor. All those traits has quickly became Ellen Adarna’s stepping stone to showbiz success. 

Can she any be luckier in the gene pool? You bet!

Ellen Adaran, as much as everyone probably knows by now, is from a wealthy Cebuano family. Her showbiz earnings is actually not necessary, because whether she has as a career in the entertainment industry or not, she can easily live comfortably and in luxury.

Of course, any fairy tale would be not be believable if our princess did not experience any some bumps along the road.

She used to work for her father as his housekeeper and secretary. But when her love for the camera cannot be sealed off anymore and she entered the entertainment scene, she was disowned by her father so the girl worked hard to feed herself. But that small family feud only lasted for 2 years.

Today, she is a mother to her love child with another actor, John lloyd Cruz.

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