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Vendor Accidentally Dented This Expensive Rolls Royce And The Reaction Of The Owner Made Her Knees Weak

In this world full of people that considers others as inferior or less due to their economic status, it is great to see kindness in any way. A woman selling Pudding in Guandong, China has accidentally scratched a Rolls Royce, a luxurious and expensive car which was parking nearby the area. The woman has lost her control […]

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Why You Need To Leave ‘A Cup With A Coin’ Inside The Freezer Before Leaving Home For A Long Time

During calamities, one should be prepared of any disruptions and occurrences along the way. The most important aspect to safe keep during a hurricane is the food that could suffice throughout the disaster. Being focused as to how to stay safe must be your number one priority when natural disasters hit your area or region. […]

Inspiring Stories

Retired Teacher Undergoes Operation, Left In Tears After Knowing Her Hospital Bills Were All Paid Up

Teachers, the mentors and second parents we have in school. Spending more than half a day in school, our lives are slowly molded by our teachers. With the aim of imparting knowledge and wisdom to their students, without asking for anything in return. Most of the things we know were from the teachings of our […]

Inspiring Stories

This Surgeon Was Caught On Cam Sleeping On Hospital Floor, The Story Behind Will Definitely Make Your Heart Melt

What is a hero? Heroes are usually depicted with special or unnatural super powers in their elastic suits to hide their true identity. However, in our modern times heroes don’t wear capes. Sometimes they wear lab gowns and masks. A sleeping doctor was captured on photo sleeping on the corridor floor of the hospital after […]