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Mother Curious To Why Daughter Has Huge Savings, Turns Out She Has A “Side Business” That’s Earning More Than Her

A 13-year-old girl from Chongqing, China made headlines on the web after rendering a service of helping other students to make their school holiday homework. By doing so, she made almost 10,000 Yuan (approx. RM6,000) in just one long school holiday. She used her mother’s e-commerce account without her knowledge to get customers and even provided […]

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Dating Gasoline Boy Binuko And Modus Ng Mga Gasolinahan Sa Panloloko Ng Mga Motorista

Some businesses are trying to get off the hook by fooling or tricking out its consumers to improve their sales and lower down their cost. A concerned citizen shared his knowledge in a ‘modus operandi’ made by some gasoline boys tendering a gasoline station. This modus becomes prevalent without the knowledge of consumers. He added […]

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6 SSS Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About

The government is the centralized body that provides order, peace and betterment for its people. One of these government institutions is the Social Security System or SSS that provides social insurance, retirement benefits and health care for the workers in the private sector. It is being mandated by the government for all the private employees in the Philippines. It caters […]