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Former Gasoline Boy Reveals The Shocking Modus Of Some Gasoline Stations To Scam Customers Without Them Knowing

Some businesses are trying to get off the hook by fooling or tricking out its consumers to improve their sales and lower down their cost. A concerned citizen shared his knowledge in a ‘modus operandi’ made by some gasoline boys tendering a gasoline station. This modus becomes prevalent without the knowledge of consumers. He added […]


Student Accidentally Created A Rechargeable Battery that Lasts 400 Years

A doctoral student named Mya Le Thai from the University of California, Irvine accidentally created a battery that can be recharged for 200,000 charging cycles. While playing around the university lab, she came across a scientific breakthrough. According to Elite Readers, the researchers were originally experimenting with nanowires to be used in batteries, but they […]