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WARNING: Isang Delikadong Kemikal Nakita Sa Pancit Canton Maaaring Magdulot Ng Malulubhang Sakit Gaya Ng Kidney Problem At Kanser

Many people nowadays love to eat fast food or instant food. We couldn’t deny the fact that these kind of foods are mouth-watering. But what we don’t is, these tasty foods have underlying effects on our health, instant noodles in particular. During the Medical Conference Highlight, Dr. Raymond Escalona shared what he found out on his study about […]

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Good News: Be A Flight Attendant (FA) Or Cabin Crew Even You’re Just A High School Graduate

Becoming a flight attendant is your ticket to travel the world. When we say cabin crew or flight attendant, people often think that they’re like waitresses that serve and assist passengers on flights. But there are actually more to this career. According to Careers, their primary job is to keep the airline passengers and crew safe. […]


BEWARE: House Raided After Making Fake Milo Products And Being Distributed To Markets And Stores

Fake products have been circulating the market for quite some time now; affecting mostly powered drinks. Concerned parents are alarmed about this incident; worried for the impending harm to their families. One of these famous powered drinks is Milo, wherein Milo drinkers are advised to take strict measures in purchasing authentic Milo products. A recent […]